Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL
Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL
Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL
Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL
Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL
Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL

Yavanna Mini Absolut Smooth - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Kit 300mL

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With Lisselini, an ingredient based on soluble bioadhesive fibers, proteins rich in biopolymers rich in polyhydroxy acids, has immediate anti-frizz action, helps in alignment of hair fibers, and protects against damage from heat tools, Bamboo Extract that retains water molecules in the strands promoting excellent hydration and restoration of the capillary fiber associated with Arginine that stimulates the hair and unclogs the hair follicles by reactivating the blood microcirculation favoring the absorption of nutrients, in addition to helping to combat the drop to Serine, which is a protein molecule, the serine nanoparticle enhances protein binding, returning essential nutrients that the hair needs to rebuild During the thermal realignment process its nanoparticles help to retain and replenish water in the hair. Jojoba Oil is an excellent lubricant, humectant, and emollient promoting lipid replacement in brittle hair, also having beautiful results in scalp peeling treatments. Promotes hair with a natural straight effect, extraordinary shine, and long-lasting frizz-free and reducing unwanted volume.

All types of hair.

Lisselini, Bamboo Extract, Arginine, Serine and Jojoba Oil

HOW TO USE:After washing the hair with the Yavanna Preparing Shampoo Absolut Smooth, dry the hair with the aid of a 70% to 100% dryer, divide the hair into four parts, apply the Yavanna Protein Absolut Smooth lock by lock, respecting 1 centimeter of the root, leaving a break time of 20 to 40 minutes depending on the structure of the hair, realigning the waves with the aid of a comb every 10 minutes. Given the pause time to rinse, removing 100% of the product from the threads (it is essential to remove all the product at the time of rinsing so as not to produce toxic smoke and not compromise the smoothing result), pre-dry the threads with the aid of a dryer, proceed with a brushing well-polished, divide the hair again into four parts and iron each lock approximately 15 times at a temperature between 200°C (392°F) and 230°C (446°F), thin iron locks to obtain the best result. Lock test, if the hair is very sensitized by chemical processes, perform the test on a wave, select a small lock on top of the head, proceed according to the mode of use, and observe the evolution of the straightening, checking the strength of the strands. Do not exceed the break time of 50 minutes. Check if there has been any unwanted change in the lock. In this case, it is advised to treat the hair until the hair improves so that it is possible to perform a new wick test.


Extremely smooth, shiny and light hair.



1 - Yavanna Preparing Shampoo Absolut Smooth 300ML

1 - Yavanna Absolut Smooth Protein 300ML

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Made in Brazil


Cruelty Free


FDA Approved


ZERO Formaldehyde




ZERO Harmful Chemicals

Absolut Smooth – Hair Smoothing Treatment Mini Set 300ML

Embark on a Brazilian beauty secret with Yavanna Absolut Smooth Mini Set. Transform your tresses into a vision of sleek perfection, where frizz surrenders, waves align, and each strand radiates your brilliance.

  • ✔️ LISSELINI: Provides immediate anti-frizz action by adhering to the hair strands, creating a smooth and controlled texture.
  • ✔️ BAMBOO EXTRACT: Retains water molecules in the hair strands, promoting hydration and restoration of the hair fiber.
  • ✔️ ARGININE:  Stimulates hair growth and unclogs hair follicles by reactivating blood microcirculation.
  • ✔️ SERINE:  Enhances protein binding, helping to prevent hair loss and replenish essential nutrients needed for hair reconstruction.
  • ✔️ JOJOBA OIL: Acts as an excellent lubricant, humectant, and emollient. It helps replace lipids in brittle hair, improving texture and strength.

transform your hair now!


Get Your Desired Result On Hair

Anticipate a frizz-free, flawlessly smooth finish that enhances your hair’s health


Enhanced Smoothness

Experience a remarkable boost in hair smoothness, creating a sleek and polished appearance.


Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy enduring results that last between 3 to 6 months, depending on your hair care routine.

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Intensive Hydration

Achieve deep hydration, restoring your hair's luscious shine and overall health by 90% by YAVANNA'S ACTIVE LISS MARK


Frizz-Free Brilliance

Embrace frizz-free locks and a brilliantly polished look, ensuring a lasting and effortless style.

Your Hair - YAVANNA'S Care


Hydrated hair


Silkier and shiner hair


Long-lasting results

transform your hair now!

What Makes YAVANNA Special

This Brazilian smoothing protein delivers frizz-free perfection, enhancing shine for effortlessly chic locks. Elevate your daily routine with compact luxury for hair that speaks volumes.

Longer Lasting Results

Deeper Hydration

Frizz-Free Brilliance

Innovative Ingredient Blend

Zero Harmful Chemicals



Let's see how it works


Yavanna Absolut Smooth 300ML: Compact Brilliance

Experience compact brilliance with Yavanna Absolut Smooth in a 300ml size. This Brazilian smoothing protein effortlessly tames frizz, leaving your locks irresistibly sleek and brilliantly shiny. Elevate your daily routine with the perfect blend of convenience and luxury.

transform your hair now!

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