What Are The Best Components in Keratin Hair Treatments?




Keratin, better known as Brazilian Keratin or Brazilian Protein, is one of the most requested products in the world of beauty lately, used to straighten hair, nowadays social networks are full of before and after videos of women using keratin on their hair. hair. But you have to be aware of the type of keratin you are using and its components.

Keratin, when produced with the wrong components, can harm your hair instead of helping it, and can harm your scalp and break your hair, so in this text we will explain which components are ideal for keratin to leave a result amazing on your hair.

First of all, you should pay attention to the keratin you are using, it must be without formaldehyde (zero-formaldehyde or formaldehyde free), if the keratin you are using has formaldehyde, this could harm your treatment and your health.

The ingredients we will be talking about below are suitable for any hair situation, as they were thought of in an open way so that they can be used in any type of hair.


Lisselini: Ingredient based on the combination of soluble fibers with bioadhesive properties, proteins rich in arginine and biopolymers rich in polyhydroxy acids. LISSELINI has anti-frizz with immediate action, which aligns the hair fibers and protects them from heat damage.

Bamboo Extract: Bamboo fiber in hair products helps with reconstruction, as it is rich in amino acids, regenerating hair that has lost its mass due to more invasive processes in the strands, but does not make them stiff

Arginine: Its replacement acts to strengthen the thread and restore the resistance of the thread, leaving them strong and reducing hair loss. Arginine makes up capillary keratin, which acts to strengthen the thread and restore its resistance, putting an end to hair loss.

Serine: It is an active that aims to hydrate and protect the hair, and should be used when the strands are dry, rough, without definition, armed and dull.

Jojoba Oil: The benefits of the product extend to the health and aesthetics of the hair, promoting a lubricating, humectant and emollient effect that results in softness and nutrition of brittle strands, in addition to being indicated in case of dermatological diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff.

Which keratin treatment contains all these assets?

The only keratin treatment on the market available with all these actives is Yavanna Absolut Smooth, the only keratin that also contains the Lisselini active, Absolut Smooth has only organic actives in its formulation and is also a formaldehyde-free keratin and can be used in any type of hair because in addition to straightening it will also treat the hair.

This zero organic formaldehyde keratin and smoothing protein leaves hair smooth, treated, shiny, silky and light.

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See the correct way to use Absolut Smooth in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASmTpqLP6qs

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