What are the benefits of caviar extract on hair

Have you ever heard of caviar extract for hair? Yes, this already exists and, in fact, it has been seen as one of the great darlings of the hair cosmetics industry! And so much power is not for nothing: the ingredient is rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, which provide intense revitalization of the hair, providing suppleness, shine and deep recovery. Known to be a delicate and luxurious ingredient in gastronomy, caviar is nothing more than fresh roe from the sturgeon fish. On the hair, it is not used in natura, but mixed with several other ingredients, compounds and technologies that together have the function of making the strands soft, nourished and silky again.

Did you know that Yavanna has a shampoo and mask kit with caviar extract?

Yavanna Y Nutriton Shampoo and Mask with Collagen and Caviar Extract have an extremely nutritious formulation that activates the restorative action of collagen, a protein that helps to maintain the elasticity of the wires and retain moisture within the fiber, providing the wires with essential nutrients, combined with the power of Caviar Extract, which has antioxidant action and is an excellent source of shine as it is rich in lipids, this is the perfect chemical combination for light, nourished hair, with shine and manageability.

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