Hair parfums are the perfect novelty for those who like to always smell fresh and, at the same time, don't give up products made specifically for hair care.

Yes, you read that right! Now our threads also have their own product to leave them with a special and lasting aroma.

Want to know more about it? Stay with us and learn all about this trend!

What is hair parfum used for?
As the name implies, the hair parfum is a product specially developed to parfum the strands – having as its main function the neutralization of external odors, such as pollution, cigarette smoke, food grease, among others, which can leave a bad smell. nice on the hair.

Because it was created especially for use on locks, it has a softer composition than normal parfums, not harming the hair or the roots – on the contrary! Most products for this purpose still have ingredients that help in the treatment of hair, leaving it with more shine and reducing frizz, for example.

Hair perfumes also have an advanced technology that ensures greater fixation of the fragrance, thus making that “I just got out of the shower” smell last longer on the strands.

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How to use hair parfum?
Designed to make our daily lives easier, it can be used anytime, anywhere. It is recommended that it be applied once or twice a day, with a distance of 10 to 20 centimeters from the hair.

After spraying the product, just spread it with your hands as you arrange the wires. And, ah, rest assured: his proposal is not to make your hair greasy, but to give it more shine and softness.

How to choose the best parfum for hair?
Were you interested? Calm down, we'll help you choose the ideal hair parfum!

To begin with, it's important to think about the size of the product. This is because, if you want to carry it in your purse – to work, college or on trips – it is interesting that the bottle is not too big and that the packaging has a lid, to prevent accidents from occurring.

The next step is to search for a fragrance that is your face. After all, it will be your trademark wherever you go!

Remember to also take into account what treatment benefits you are looking for for your hair. They vary from product to product, so this is an important feature to pay attention to.

Y Parfum Spicy Rose, for example, is a hair parfum to leave the hair fragrant by neutralizing unwanted odors. Spicy Rose was developed with a light formulation and free of oils and silicones to be used whenever there is a need to enhance the hair parfum or inhibit unwanted odors. It unites the warmth of Pink Pepper, the femininity of Iris, with light notes of Jasmine, giving a remarkable experience.

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